Market Reports Center

Market Reports Center reduced report management time by 70 percent

Market Reports Center

Market Reports Center reduced report management time by 70 percent

Market Reports Center is a reseller and curator of global market research reports, offering an extensive, organized collection with the option for subscribers to request custom reports.

Problem statement:

When MRC began its operations in 2015, it started collecting reports from its sources to build its database.

The task of collection constituted the fundamental stage of the business. It was followed by uploading the collected files on to the database, curating them, and finally, selling the curated material to clients.

As the website would not start making money until sales commenced, the sooner it would begin selling, the more money it could make.

Time was money in this case.

Early on, MRC came up against a hurdle. Its website, made using WordPress, displayed a notorious lack of speed when it came to uploading reports sent by publishers.

The publishers would send the documents in CSV file format (a CSV or Comma Separated Values is a file format used to transfer data in a tabulated form. Its name derives from its structure made of pockets of information separated by commas.

The scope of CSV files is limited.

They can only transfer text; style and formulae cannot be transferred. The format is extensively used for sending across and receiving product information by E-Commerce websites.)

The information sent in CSV format would then be converted to readable text and uploaded on the website.

The frequency of uploading files hovered around 100 per hour. This made the task of uploading a repository of 120000 reports seem like an endless operation.


WebWeaver stepped in to save the day. It replaced the website designed using WordPress by the one designed using CodeIgnitor PHP framework.

CodeIgnitor is a tool used to create websites using PHP.

It has an array of prefabricated code that saves writers the trouble of writing code from scratch.

Essentially, CodeIgnitor shares the workload by taking away the spadework.

The website designed using CodeIgnitor PHP framework helped MRC get back on its feet by making it possible to upload 1000 reports every 30 seconds. This was way faster than the previous website.

Technologies used:








WebWeaver's ingenious idea to replace the WordPress based website with PHP based website became instrumental in rescuing MRC from going under.

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